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The Harlaw Area Lifelong Learning Association (HALLA) based in Kaimhill, Garthdee run the Aberdeen Heritage Project. This is currently being piloted for schools in Kaimhill Primary School, and also run in Janesfield Manor Sheltered Housing and the HALLA Heritage group.

You can find out more about the great work of the community group HALLA here.

Kaimhill Primary School Garthdee


This area will be filled with the work of pupils From Kaimhill Primary School as they learn and investigate various places around Aberdeen like Castlegate and Broad Street.

Janesfield Manor



A trip down memory lane, an exploration and record of some of our resident's earliest memories of the life and times of Aberdeen.

Stories and photographs will be presented here for all to see.

HALLA Heritage Group

Kaimhill, Garthdee


This is our Tuesday afternoon group looking at the various records and photos of our ever changing communities here in Aberdeen. This space will hold public and personal memories, cuttings and photos.

Come learn/explore/share/join us:

1.30-3.30pm every Tuesday

Kaimhill Learning Centre

Kaimhill PrimarySchool, Garthdee



As we explore past times and pull information from public records and the various heritage forums available to us, we will be sharing some of our most interesting stories here. We will categorise them for ease of use. Where there are copyrights, will make that clear. However, our intent is to make this a resource with longevity where stories can be added to and the general public can participate.

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

SPictures and stories about Aberdeen's many retail and food outlets

Humor & Entertainment

Cinema's, Dance Halls and Theatre


Stories of love and romance

Historical Aberdeen

Pictures, Postcards and Cuttings that create the images we see today

keep the legacy alive. share,

write & build with us.


"Our past does not dictate our future, but it can inform our future"

If you would like to join us on this journey through time by sending in your pictures and stories we'd be grateful to receive them. With permission, we will scan and return any personal photos or cards you have that show something of Aberdeen's past. There is a lot of information scattered all over the world that we would like to see collated in one place for everyone enjoyment. HALLA have set up these various heritage projects to invest in our communities, both young and old, school pupils and residents, so that we see how we got to where we are today, and who got us there. Your stories and pictures will help furnish these projects and create a wealth of knowledge for the future. For more information, visit us at Kaimhill Learning Centre, or visit www.HALLA.org.uk or Call: 01224 498164 or email: Community@HALLA.org.uk



The Aberdeen heritage project at Kaimhill Learning Centre has been a great experience for me to know about the city I live in, and particularly how it has transitioned to the city it is today.


Nelia Nelson



Every Tuesday the Heritage group meet at 1.30pm with local Aberdeen author Graeme Milne.



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Project Aberdeen has been sponsored by the Harlaw Area Lifelong Learning Association. If you want to know more please visit www.HALLA.org.uk : A Community centre, in the community for the community across all ages.

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1:30pm Tuesdays in Garthdee


Working with the local children in Garthdee and the more mature at Janesfield Manor


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